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A1 Rubber Paving & Sealants knows that rubber paving is the answer and solution to cracked, unsightly pavement. With over 40 years of experience, we have a professional team prepared to provide you with s high quality, attractive & durable resistant surface that lasts much longer than regular concrete. Our paving can cover common surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, playgrounds, wheelchair ramps, pool decks, and anywhere else that requires durable coverage. We offer a 1 year workmanship guarantee as well as a 5 year warranty on materials. Of course this is based on normal use, not abuse.


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Rubber paving is an environmentally friendly option that recycles old and spare tires for its rubber component; this combined with a polyurethane binder can be poured over existing cracked or uneven concrete, eliminating the need for costly demoltion. Our product is non-toxic and is one of the most versatile solutions for your decorative or concrete repair project.


Our installation process is simple. We begin by leveling the surface as much as possible before we begin. The rubber component is then poured over the desired surface, molded to fit the designated area. We guarantee our workmanship for a full year after installation. Our crew is incredibly experienced and can get your new pavement laid down within a day. This flexible non-porous mixture is set within an additional 24 hours. Start to finish, your project will be complete and ready to enjoy in 2 days on average.

During the prep work of our rubber paving, we will level your driveway as much as possible before applying the new materials. A1 Rubber Paving provides a free, on-site consultation before installation. We will administer skilled advice to each client and their unique project to ensure confident, comfortable decisions. Rubber is the future! Make the switch to durable, non-slip rubber today.

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Free-Onsite Consultations

A1 Rubber Paving provides a free, on-site consultation. We offer skilled advice to each client and their unique project to ensure confident, comfortable decisions. We will evaluate the surface prior to installation. If repairs are necessary to the surface, we will also assist with repair to ensure the best possible result. Each project is unique, and we have the adaptability to provide each client with personalized service for quality results every time. Contact us today!

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